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60% of U.S. properties are overassessed.


The National Taxpayers Union estimates that up to 60 percent of U.S. properties are overassessed. This means there is a great probability that you are paying way too much in property taxes. Understanding the assessment process, the basis of your assessment are essential first steps toward getting your tax bill lowered. Hiring the Law Offices of Jennifer A. Blanc will undoubtedly increase your chances of success.


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We have a proven historical track record of surprising hundreds of taxpayers, homeowners, and investors alike with the reductions in assessments that we have procured through the Appeal process.


With the regression of property values and the reduction in returns on treasured investments, managing the risks and debt service associated with your ownership should be at the top of your priorities.


Why do Taxpayers hire Jennifer A. Blanc every year to seek tax relief?

Simply it's because we are 100% Committed to Reducing Your Property Tax Assessment and Maximizing your Property Tax Relief!


The Law Offices of Jennifer A. Blanc can serve as your most valuable partner in the struggle to minimize your property tax liability and generate the savings that you deserve and that your property warrants.


What makes our firm stand apart from the rest:

  • Implementation of Robust Technology, licensee of on-line platform creating optimal opportunity to collaborate with our clients and providing analytic reports.
  • Experience in the Applied Sciences-Statistics and Former Commercial Real Estate Appraiser.
  • Keen issue spotting and making winning arguments with a demonstrated track record of success.
  • Respected by my peers- serving as co-counsel for many law firms in various states.
  • Meeting client's objectives of saving on property taxes every year.


Strict Appeal deadlines apply. Don't miss your window of opportunity. Start our risk free, confidential , property tax assessment evaluation today without delay. If our optics indicate that your property merits an Appeal, then we will make every conceivable argument to secure a victory.





  1. Improper Property Classification
  2. Lack of Uniformity (whether your property is over assessed compared to neighbors)
  3. Decline in Market Value
  4. Under-Capitalization
  5. Economic Loss of Investment Properties
  6. Vacant Units
  7. Distressed Property
  8. Un-inhabitability
  9. Demolition
  10. Incorrect Age
  11. Incorrect Building Area
  12. Incorrect Lot Size


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Uncontested Divorce FAQ

Cook county. Deadlines are strictly adhered to by statute and administrative rules. Cook County is divided by 39 Townships. Within those townships you will find your city. When a case is filed at the Cook County Assessor’s office, the deadline to file an appeal is set by statute, generally 30 days from the date that the Notices of Assessments are mailed to property owners within the individual Townships that are up for review. Locate your Township on your tax bill or Notice of Assessment and look-up the deadlines for your township here.

There is also an independent tribunal that can impartially review your assessments in Cook County called the Cook County Board of Review. Our firm primarily file cases at this level since the Assessor is least generous in granting reductions even in the face of credible indisputable evidence. Lastly, we may file your case before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) or a court of law in order to maximize your tax relief. There is no filing cost for appeals in Cook County unless they are filed in a court of law. When we succeed at reducing taxpayers’ assessments the taxpayer sees the change on the second installment tax bill. You can start your appeal or get on our service list for notification of when your township will next open by clicking on the Start Evaluation Now link.

The county sends out Notices of re-assessments known as the TRIM NOTICE. This opens a 25 day period time to pursue an Appeal at the County Appraiser's office. Decisions are handed down by the Appraiser’s office usually prior to the Value Adjustment Board opening for reviews of assessments, generally August 1 of the appeal year thru September 16. Thereafter, if relief is not granted by the Appraiser, or sometimes simultaneously while awaiting the decision of the County Appraiser, we will file your appeal at the Value Adjustment Board. The Deadline for 2016 is 9/17/16. Decisions are published usually by the time tax bills are printed in November of the following year.

It is extremely important in Florida that you keep your account substantially current with the County Collector in order to be eligible in pursuing an appeal. Relief can be denied for this reason. The Board charges $15 per appeal. See constraints and further details on the time table of the Appeal process here

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