(1) Once you register your profile, you will be asked to (2) add properties into your account. Each time you add a property, you will be informed whether your county or township is open for appeal (the acceptance of applications to review your property tax assessment). This is most important because the government sets deadlines to review your tax assessment and these deadlines must be strictly adhered to or else you loose the opportunity to protest your property tax assessment.

It can take half an hour for an evaluation of Residential Home, Condo, Townhome, Apartments consisting of less than six units, and vacant land. Commercial, Apartments of six or more units, and mixed use properties on average take approximately an hour depending on the number of units.

Cook County Taxpayers: At the conclusion of your Evaluation (Step 1) you will be informed within the Collaborative Platform whether your property qualifies for a successful Property Tax Appeal. In the event your results suggest that an appeal is warranted then go ahead and authorize an Appeal. You will then be prompted on Step 2 to answer a few more questions, on Step 3 upload any documents requested and on Step 4 sign forms required for your appeal.

Dade County, Palm Beach County and Broward County Taxpayers: At the conclusion of your assessment evaluation your evaluation if your property qualifies for an Appeal you will immediately receive an email with documents requiring your signature including a retainer agreement.

Your Appeal may be filed at the earliest available of the following agencies:

Cook County, IL :

Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County, FL:

No, most appeals don't involve a refund as they produce tax savings for the tax year you appeal.

Yes, sometimes seeking relief from the government officials that create assessments may feel like going to the King and begging for a pardon. Assessors are notorious for wanting to justify or stand by the values they ascribe to your property. You can seek a review at a second tier agency or court. In most cases, the worst thing that can happen is that you get a result which is zero reduction in tax assessment. Thus, your bill remains the same.





30% tax savings on Residential Appeals, 35% tax savings on Commercial, Apartments, Mixed Use Property Tax Appeals.


Cook County $0.

Florida: $25 at The Value Appeal Board: Send Money Order for $25 with your Folio Number and Last Name In the memo section to Assurance Legal, LLC

433 Real Plaza Boca Raton FL,

What is the time frame involved with my appeal:

In most counties NO. Cook County IL has no filing costs to pursue property tax assessment appeals.

You are billed prior to the final tax bill publication and payment is charged to your credit card at the same time that REALESTATETAXMASTER.COM sends notice of your appeal results and tax savings. Your appeal results can be found on your user control panel under the heading Results and actually demonstrates how your tax savings are calculation and estimates your tax bill based on your new assessment and latest publicized local tax rate and state multiplier.

Both terms are used interchangeably and refer to the process of challenging the assessed value of your real estate by the county assessor or appraiser.



Residential Buildings Single Family Residences, Townhomes (evaluate, analyze, and deliver on its Appeal plateform) , Condominium Units (Individual Unit Owners only), Two-Five Unit Apartment Buildings.

APARTMENT BUILDINGS consisting of six units or more, Mixed-Use Properties consisting of Residential Apartments and Stores or Residential Apartments and Offices.

Free standing Commercial Buildings, Strip Centers, Office Buildings. Shopping Centers.

Tax Assessors evaluate properties under the following circumstances:

  • Annual Maintenance Assessments
  • Periodic Re-Assessments
  • New Construction – When Property Is Put into Service
  • Completion of Major Renovations – When a Certificate of Occupancy is Issued.
  • Improve marketability of your property
  • Improve Return on Investment
  • Extra Cash to fund family vacation, invest in retirement account, or fund rehab projects.

Depending on your county location, property tax assessment authorities determine the value of a property every year or every three years. For example if your property is located within Cook County, Illinois, the Township Assessor will assign a value to your property every three years. This means the value assigned to your property may increase astronomically, depending on the Assessor’s computations. However, if a taxpayer protests the over-assessment of a property the first year and wins his or her appeal, one can achieve reduction in assessment automatically for a period of years. In Cook County for example, the taxpayer would generate tax savings for all three years. Real Estate Tax Master keeps up with this information and helps you take advantage of any potential savings whether your property is located in a reassessment zone or non-reassessment zone.

It depends on several factors. Basically, you should come to our site annually and perform an EVALUATION because your property assessment may be uniform, but a decline in the market value of your property may have occurred in a given year which warrants an assessment far less than the current assessment. Conversely, the assessments in your neighborhood may have decreased for similar types of properties and your property’s assessment is not uniform to the neighboring properties, or your property may have been reassessed and the reassessment resulted in an unfair increase in assessment.The Real Estate Tax Master’s EVALUATION will automatically perform several key analysis to examine these above mentioned factors and their impact on your tax assessments.



If the level of assessments in your neighborhood are uniform, in other words, there is no disparity between the amount of assessment of your property and your neighbors, it is important to investigate whether properties similar to yours have sold in your area which warrant a reduction in your assessment. The Real Estate Tax Master’s EVALUATION will automatically perform a market analysis for you and tell you whether obtaining an appraisal would increase the success of your tax assessment protest.

It depends on the appraiser, Real Estate Tax Master does not control or cap the rates that appraisers listed on our directory charge. An appraiser is a professional. A professional’s fee is usually reflective of the number of years of experience, the type of property which is the subject of the appraisal report, the complexity of the assignment. It is not uncommon to see fees of $250 to $450 for a single family residence.



This is highly unlikely especially if our Evaluation gives you a thumbs-up for appeal. By taking our evaluation, you are dramatically reducing the chances that your taxing authority is disclosed information which is damaging to the success of your appeal. The Evaluation is therefore risk free as it is confidential and does not involve disclosing information to tax assessing authorities. Nevertheless, with the exception of reviews taken by tax assessors and tax assessing authorities of your protest, most tax reviewing administrative agencies or courts do not have a personal stake in the outcome of your case and are likely to give favorable results or just deny relief all together. It is highly unlikely that they would increase your tax assessment.

Taxes are calculated based upon a formula.( (Tax Assessment) X (local property Tax Rate) X (State Equalizer or Multiplier)). Other than assessments, the state equalization factor and local tax rate for property taxes are factors that affect your tax bill. The state equalization factor and local tax rate are subject to change each year. If your taxing authorities dramatically increase these rates, then irrespective of your appeal, you may experience higher taxes or not really see much of a change in your tax bill. However, if you do nothing to attempt to reduce your tax assessments, you can only imagine that your tax bill would be astronomically higher than usual. Therefore, you can keep your tax liability low by protesting your tax assessment.



No, most appeals don't involve a refund as they produce tax savings for the tax year you appeal.

Tax savings do not always result in a refund. Most often a winning tax appeal will reduce the assessment and result in a lower tax bill. You are only refunded tax savings when your tax account for the year that you appealed was actually overpaid. Overpayments occur more often in counties that have two installment tax bills. In that instance the taxpayer's payment of the first installment bill may be greater than the annual tax liability. See below example of a resulting refund to the tax payer.

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